[Yum] Ordering in yum-cron updatesCheck

Wiethoff, Helge Helge.Wiethoff at thga.de
Thu Jan 5 11:18:12 UTC 2017

Hi all,

from time to time, the update of the metadata fails:

Could not get metalink https://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/metalink?repo=epel-7&arch=x86_64 error was
14: HTTPS Error 503 - Service Unavailable

>From a statistical point of view, this happens more often with yum-cron-hourly than with yum-cron-daily.
Therefore (among other things) i didn't want to use yum-cron-hourly.

Although yum-cron-hourly.conf is configured like this:
update_messages = no
download_updates = no
apply_updates = no

The error continues, because the update of the metadata comes before the check, whether yum-cron should do anything or exit:
617         # Update the metadata
618         self.populateUpdateMetadata()
620         # Exit if we don't need to check for updates
621         if not (self.opts.update_messages or self.opts.download_updates or self.opts.apply_updates):
622             sys.exit(0)

My question: Is this on purpose? And if so, why? (:

If so i am going to deactivate yum-cron-hourly by:
host:~# cat /etc/cron.hourly/0yum-hourly.cron
exit 0


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