[Yum] yum priorities plugin and disabled repos

Steve Hill steve at opendium.com
Mon Aug 14 10:36:34 UTC 2017

I have a repository that contains some custom builds of packages that 
are also part of the distro's base repo (Scientific Linux 6.9).  I'm 
using the yum-priorities plugin to ensure that packages in my custom 
repo take priority over the base packages.

I'm aware that there is a potential for this to break dependencies 
occasionally, but this has been a very successful strategy and broken 
deps generally just cause a yum update to fail (and it can then be 
fixed), which is preferable to the custom package accidentally being 
replaced by a newer version of the base package.

I'm having a problem with disabling repos though - if I set enabled=0 on 
my custom repo to stop it receiving new updates, it seems that 
yum-priorities also ignores the repo.  Even though "yum list" still 
correctly shows that the packages were installed from the disabled repo, 
its priority is no longer considered and those packages are therefore 
subject to being replaced by newer packages in the base repo.

Is there a way around this problem?  I basically want to be able to turn 
updates on/off for the custom repo without risking the custom packages 
being replaced.  I know I could name every package that has a custom 
version in an exclude= line in the base repo, but that's a bit of a 
management nightmare.

Many thanks.

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