[Yum] Updating YUM database on Fresh OS

James Antill james-yum at and.org
Fri Aug 7 19:58:54 UTC 2015

sad man <asadxflow at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi, I am trying to create a custom CentOS ISO by adding a new package group
> (with some extra rpms). Everything works fine (packages are installed fine)
> during installation but at the start of the installer I get the following
> exception:
> Exception yum.Errors.RepoError: RepoError() in <bound method
> YumSqlitePackageSack.__del__ of <yum.sqlitesack.YumSqlitePackageSack
> object at 0x3fff874f5e50>> ignored
> I just wanted to know what may be causing this exception (as it has no
> effect on my package installation process) but is not ideal for UI, maybe
> there is someway to address/suppress it.

 You don't say what version of anything this is, but assuming
something pretty recent ...

 I'm not sure, with a quick look the only thing I'd assume it could be
is closing the sqlite handles. It's possible it's some weird lifetime
thing, you say this is at the startup though so this wouldn't be on
program exit right?
 As a quick hack you would put something in catchSqliteException to
print the error you are getting there.

James Antill -- james at and.org

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