[Yum] Yum does not respect RPM dependency version constraints

Fabien Crespel fabien at crespel.net
Thu Dec 18 20:25:00 UTC 2014

Le 16/12/2014 16:29, James Antill a écrit :
>   Using two requires to specify a range isn't used much, as there are a
> lot of problems with it ... but it should work, and we do have tests
> for it. However the second thing "X = ver" is used a _lot_, so if
> that's not working then it's very likely that the requires/provides
> aren't what you think they are.
>   The first thing I'd look at is to make sure the package being
> installed doesn't also provide something more than the simple
> <name = version> you get by default. After that the next culprit is
> probably epochs.

Thank you for the tips. After inspecting requires/provides more closely, 
I noticed that unlike other packages, PKG2 had a "Provides: PKG2" line 
in its spec file (without any version). It seems that since all versions 
of PKG2 had it, yum picked the most recent one every time, no matter 
what specific version PKG1 required.

I removed the "Provides: PKG2" line, rebuilt all packages, recreated the 
repository and now dependencies are resolved correctly.


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