[Yum] problems with fetching metadata files.

Łukasz Tasz lukasz at tasz.eu
Fri Jun 8 09:57:17 UTC 2012

Thanks a lot for your answer,

You right,
repomod was corrupted due to race condition.
createrepo --update ... solved an issue,  and ofcourse race elimination:D

again Thanks a lot!

2012/6/8 Zdenek Pavlas <zpavlas at redhat.com>:
>> file:///XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/repodata/primary.sqlite.bz2: [Errno 14]
>> Downloaded more than max size for
>> file:///XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/repodata/primary.sqlite.bz2: 16383 > 14
>> do I exceed any limits?! can I change it?
> Yum parsed repomd.xml and expects primary.sqlite.bz2 to be just 14 bytes.
> While downloading, we give up because the file is much larger.
> a) your repomd.xml has incorrect sizes (a bug in createrepo)
> b) repomd.xml and metadata are out of sync.
> c) there's a bug in repomd.xml parsing/processing in yum.
> I expect a) to be the most likely cause.  Your probably created
> invalid (zero length) primary.sqlite, and bz2 header adds
> few (14?) bytes.  Just check repomd.xml on the server, and
> if it's correct, check that Yum does not cache a different file.
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Łukasz Tasz

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