[Yum] What is Yum doing after package download?

James Antill james-yum at And.org
Mon Apr 30 18:32:26 UTC 2012

"Flavin, Kyle (NBCUniversal)" <Kyle.Flavin at nbcuni.com> writes:

> Downloading Packages:
> Running rpm_check_debug
> Running Transaction Test
> Finished Transaction Test
> Transaction Test Succeeded
> Running Transaction
>   Updating       : libgcc                                      [
> 1/1001]
> ...
> My question.  The server seems to spend a good deal of time on the
> "Running rpm_check_debug" step.  I can confirm that yum is doing work by
> looking at the output of top, which shows significant CPU and memory
> utilization by yum.  Yum has already downloaded metadata and packages at
> this point (confirmed with a du -hs * under /var/yum/cache), and has not
> begun the actual upgrade.  What work is it doing here?

 Almost everything after "Downloading Packages" is actually inside rpm
itself, and yum is just doing an API call.

>  Is it normal for
> it to take some time (~20 minutes) to complete?

 No, for a ~500 package update it will take some time ... but that is
way too long.
 You might want to take a look at:


...or "just try" rpm --rebuilddb.

James Antill -- james at and.org

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