[Yum] Using Basic HTTP authentication with a port other than 80

Flavin, Kyle (NBCUniversal) Kyle.Flavin at nbcuni.com
Mon Apr 16 21:42:35 UTC 2012

I've run into an issue configuring a Yum repository which I'm serving up
with HTTP/Apache.


I want to use http basic authentication, and set the listening port on
my apache server to something other than 80, because this repo is in my
DMZ.  I was trying to do that by setting up my baseurl as follows (from
my client repo file):




The documentation for yum.conf indicates you can do basic http
authentication by adding the username/password to the URL as I did
above.  However, with that baseurl, I get the following error when I do
a "yum search mysql" from the client:


[Errno 14] HTTP Error 401: Authorization Required


When I set the listening port on the server back to 80, and remove the
port specification in the client's repo file, it works.  This indicates
to me that the extra ":" specifying the port confuses yum's parsing of
my URL.


So it appears you cannot do basic http authentication AND change the
port number that the web server listens on.  I noticed that there are
"username" and "password" directives in newer versions of Yum, but my
version doesn't appear to have these directives (I am running
yum-3.2.22-37.0.1.el5, and I just noticed those two directives first
appear in 3.2.29).


Is there any workaround for this in older versions of yum?




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