[Yum] HTTPS and Basic Auth

Ljubomir Ljubojevic office at plcomputers.net
Mon Sep 19 22:25:17 UTC 2011

Време: 09/19/2011 09:43 PM, Benjamin Reed пише:
> I'm trying to create a yum repository which is accessible through HTTPS
> and protected by basic auth. I've put the user:pass into the baseurl in
> the .repo file I created, and indexes download properly, but when I
> attempt to actually download a package, it fails.  The URLs shown do not
> contain the user and pass, although I'm not sure if they aren't
> displayed for security reasons, or because they've gone missing.  Any
> ideas what's going on?  (user and pass have been changed to protect the
> innocent)


> Downloading Packages:
> iplike-2.0.2-1.i386.rpm
> |  14 kB     00:00
> https://connect.opennms.com/lts/download/rpm/1.0/rhel5/i386/opennms/iplike-2.0.2-1.i386.rpm:
> [Errno -1] Package does not match intended download
> Trying other mirror.

yum does download all repo metadata files from your server, so https 
works as intended.

You sem to have issues with metadata files. If "yum clean all" does not 
help, then try generateing them again. On what platform is the repo 
server? And please provide output of the "rpm -qa yum".

Ljubomir Ljubojevic

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