[Yum] yum and custom arch types.

Matthew Sellers matt at indigo.nu
Thu Aug 26 21:16:33 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I have been creating some packages with custom arch types to
distinguish their build optimizations creating a packages with the
following theme:

1. mypackage-version.fc12.core2.rpm  # a package built for FC12 with
core2 optimizations.

These foreign arch types are easily configured on a new system by
updating /etc/rpmrc:

arch_compat: x86_64: amd64 athlon noarch core2

...and also customizing /usr/lib/rpm/platforms/<my platform name> for
build options.  This all works great until I try to use yum:

 yum localinstall Package-1.2.1-1.opt.fc13.core2.rpm
Loaded plugins: presto, priorities, refresh-packagekit
Setting up Local Package Process
Examining Package-1.2.1-1.opt.fc13.core2.rpm: Package-1.2.1-1.opt.fc13.core2
Cannot add package Package-1.2.1-1.opt.fc13.core2.rpm to transaction.
Not a compatible architecture: core2
Nothing to do

So my quick questions:

 I can get this to work by hacking rpmUtils/arch.py and adding:

"x86_64": "core2",   # arches dict() in arch.py

but this does not seem like the right way :-)   Can anybody comment on
the procedure to get foreign "new" architectures fully recognized by
yum?  Im sure im just missing something simple.

Thank You!


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