[Yum] dependency problems with yum-priorities on CentOS 5.5

Nick oinksocket at letterboxes.org
Mon Aug 23 16:40:39 UTC 2010

On 23/08/10 16:50, James Antill wrote:
> The repos. will tell you in their description if they update core packages, 
> if they don't ... like rpmfusion or EPEL, then they are safe.

Thanks, useful advice.

However, advice on the CentOS wiki makes me feel less than confident about
relying on EPEL or RPMFusion.  Besides the fact that they omit things we need,
it seems like you can only safely use one or the other. If I have to choose one
repo, it's hard not to choose RPMForge - it's much *bigger*.


I quote:
> RPMfusion Repository - Still in its infancy, particularly as regards EL5
> packages - most available packages are in "testing" stage as of this writing.
> Suggest extreme caution if using this repo.

> EPEL - 
> This repo has made efforts not to replace system packages. In some cases it
> has endeavored to directly address CentOS compatibility but has expressly
> denied inter-repository compatability as a goal. It may not mix well with
> other 3rd party repos. So, make SURE you are using the Priorities yum plugin
> if you are using EPEL ... especially if you mix its packages with those from
> other 3rd party repos. It should also be noted that, while EPEL may not
> overwrite distro packages, it may have conflicts with the CentOS extras repo
> which is enabled by default.

On 23/08/10 16:50, James Antill wrote:
> Let me rephrase ... as far as I know it is not possible for the message you 
> are talking about to appear a the point you say it is appearing, and you are 
> the only person who has ever implied it appeared there (and dep. "bugs" 
> account are our biggest category, by far). It's like if you said yum started 
> playing nethack in the middle of a transaction. I'm not saying with 100% 
> certainty you'd be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's not true.

Indeed it is odd if I'm the only person who's seeing this, but I am reassured
that both you and Seth think it should never happen.  It doesn't reassure me if
it means I was hallucinating, as I like to think I am sane and I definitely
remember that yum check-update and yum update reported no problems (on the other
hand, it was late at night, so maybe I was asleep).

Unfortunately I don't have the full transcript of yum's output from the incident
I mentioned, only the bits and pieces which seemed useful enough to add to my
notes.  If I ever do manage to replicate the problem (heaven forbid) I shall try
and unambiguously record yum's behaviour.

Thanks for your help,


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