[Yum] yum 3.2.28 - Kernel update

James Antill james-yum at and.org
Thu Aug 5 04:49:41 UTC 2010

rotru at br.ibm.com writes:

> Hi Seth, 
> I see in the "Users Interface Changes" that new Yum:
> Don't allow users to remove the running kernel.
> How is this going to work ?
> For instance, if a system only allows users to have one version of Kernel 
> installed, will
> the user never be allowed to update the kernel ?

 This configuration isn't possible with yum, installonly_limit has a
minimum value of 2 (although we'd recommend at least 3).
 So the only time yum would try and remove the running kernel before
were bugs (or things like "yum remove kernel" matching all kernels).

 Saying that the documentation does tell you how to turn it off (from
man yum.conf):

      protected_packages  This  is  a list of packages that yum should
      never completely remove. They are protected  via.  Obsoletes  as
      well as user/plugin removals.

      The  default  is:  yum  glob:/etc/yum/protected.d/*.conf  So any
      packages which should be protected can do so by including a file
      in /etc/yum/protected.d with their package name in it.

      Also  if  this  configuration  is set to anything, then yum will
      protect the package corresponding to the running version of  the

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