[Yum] cachedir ignored?

Paul Howarth paul at city-fan.org
Thu Nov 12 16:05:54 UTC 2009

On 12/11/09 15:45, James Antill wrote:
> Paul Howarth<paul at city-fan.org>  writes:
>> Perhaps I'm missing something obvious here but I'm trying to get yum,
>> running as a non-root user with a custom config file, to cache data
>> somewhere other than under /var/tmp.
>> I'm running repoclosure checks on a bunch of different repos and have
>> these entries in my yum config files:
>> cachedir=/home/paul/lib/repoc/cache
>> persistdir=/home/paul/lib/repoc/lib
>> However, nothing is stored in either of these directories and instead
>> I get directory /var/tmp/yum-paul-<6-random-characters>  filling up
>> with a few gigabytes of cache data that I'd rather store elsewhere and
>> not fill up the /var partition.
>> How can I get yum to put this data where I want it?
>   The cachedir variable in the yum.conf is intended to be for where the
> system (aka. root) puts the cache. We could do an access check in
> YumBase.setCacheDir() ... but that'd be prone to weird failures, I
> think, if root ever used it too.
>   After creating the dir. in /var/tmp/yum-paul-* yum will reuse that
> dir. ... so you could do a symlink to where you want it stored.
>   I guess we could make the /var/tmp bit configurable. Feel free to
> open an RFE.

OK, done.


I considered the symlink approach but didn't like it as I'd need to 
manually fix up that symlink every time I do a fresh install on that 
system (which I do every time there's a new fedora release), and the 
name isn't predictable, which precludes a scripted approach. So a means 
of directly configuring the directory name would be much better.

Cheers, Paul.

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