Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Fri Jan 23 16:56:06 UTC 2009



I believe this change is broken and should be reverted - rpm.RPMTAG_SOURCERPM 
is the name-version-release.src.rpm string of the source rpm that a binary 
package was created from (so "1" will never match); and if the package is a 
source rpm, its RPMTAG_SOURCERPM is something evaluating to False (seemingly 
an empty list for me on F-9).  So things should have been ok before the above 

Another way of testing whether a package is a source one is checking for 
rpm.RPMTAG_SOURCEPACKAGE (not RPMTAG_SOURCERPM) which should be 1 for source 
packages.  But based on 
http://osdir.com/ml/linux.redhat.rpm.devel/2006-04/msg00014.html I believe 
RPMTAG_SOURCEPACKAGE is a legacy thing already removed from rpm5.org, FWIW, 
and RPMTAG_SOURCERPM should work for both rpm.org and rpm5.org.

Anyway, I think RPMTAG_SOURCEPACKAGE still works for all rpm.org versions 
currently, but you want to use it, the code should be:

    if hdr[rpm.RPMTAG_SOURCEPACKAGE] == 1:
        arch = 'src'
        arch = hdr['arch']

...and _not_:

    if hdr[rpm.RPMTAG_SOURCEPACKAGE] == 1:
        arch = hdr['arch']
        arch = 'src'

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