[Yum] Is there something wrong with the update files?

Brian Long brilong at cisco.com
Fri Dec 4 20:25:26 UTC 2009

On 12/04/2009 02:22 PM, Habig, Tom wrote:
> I was trying to update my yum installation and did a clean then an
> update.  2 files downloaded successfully then I ran into a message of a
> checksum error on the next file and the system bounced from mirror to
> mirror until it ran out of mirrors.
> This is the response I received:
> fedora                          100%            21. kB
> primary.sqlite.bz2              100%            4.9 MB
> InstalMedia                     100%            4.3 kB
> C14e2fe6b2434d0acdb2187f4       100%            9.9 MB
> then a note of the mirror URL and this file name?
> C14e2fe6b2434d0acdb2187f4a237ddc96e96df658455330ad56f15374b85164-primary.sqlite.bz2:
> [error -3] Error performing checksum
> Every mirror produced the same message.
> I am running Fedora 8 inside a VMware virtual machine hosted on a
> Windows XP professional machine.
> My level of frustration has grown high!

I would not expect the Fedora 8 repositories to be functional for very
long if at all.  Fedora 8 is "old" in the development cycle.

Check out this page for details on the releases:

Fedora 12 was just released, which means it and Fedora 11 are the only
supported Fedora releases.  Fedora 10 loses support about one month
after Fedora 12 was released.

If you want to install a more stable Linux release that doesn't require
upgrades every 6-9 months, I would suggest taking a look at CentOS, a
Red Hat Enterprise Linux rebuild.  http://www.centos.org.


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