[Yum] Is there something wrong with the update files?

Habig, Tom thabig at ite.com
Fri Dec 4 19:22:06 UTC 2009

I was trying to update my yum installation and did a clean then an update.  2 files downloaded successfully then I ran into a message of a checksum error on the next file and the system bounced from mirror to mirror until it ran out of mirrors. 

This is the response I received:
fedora				100%		21. kB
primary.sqlite.bz2		100%		4.9 MB
InstalMedia			100%		4.3 kB
C14e2fe6b2434d0acdb2187f4	100%		9.9 MB

then a note of the mirror URL and this file name? 
C14e2fe6b2434d0acdb2187f4a237ddc96e96df658455330ad56f15374b85164-primary.sqlite.bz2: [error -3] Error performing checksum

Every mirror produced the same message.

I am running Fedora 8 inside a VMware virtual machine hosted on a Windows XP professional machine.

My level of frustration has grown high!

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