[Yum] Fwd: yum rollback !!

Satish Eerpini eerpini at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 20:29:04 UTC 2008

well guys i have planned to implement a yum rollback utility which does the
following , in chosrt it parses the yum log file and undo's the changes made
by yum,
1) The user is prompted for a rollback date
2) the user can give a option for rollback without checking dependencies or
a normal rollback with dependency check
3) The log file created by yum is parsed by the program and the list of
installed and removed RPMs are first separated and stored in files stored in
a temp directory
4) The files which were operated upon after the entered date are separated .
5) important to keep the rollback transparent of YUM: The log file is copied
to a temporary location .
6) the files separated in step 3) are passed recursively to a sub-program
which removes them without checking dependencies or by checking dependencies
according as the choice in step 2) .
7) the log file for the rollback process is created
8) the log file of YUM copied to temporary location in step 5) is movied o
the location of the actual YUM log file

please let me know , ifthere is any other method , because i find the log
file parsing is rather slow and a bad idea !
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