[Yum] Installing all the RPMs in one go?

David Timms dtimms at iinet.net.au
Fri Mar 21 00:25:33 UTC 2008

Parag Kalra wrote:
> I have a YUM repository that has many RPMs (more 1000). Out of these I want
> to install 300-400 RPMs having different names altogether. 
Let me assume you already have this list of packages installed somehere
else ;-)
source machine:
- rpm -qa b* --qf="%{name} ">source-machine-packages.txt

dest machine:
- get that package list
- gedit source-machine-packages.txt
- insert 'repo disable whatever' before the list.
- insert 'install ' before the package list
- delete any trailing space on the install line.
- append on a new line 'run'
- yum shell source-machine-packages.txt
- yes.


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