[Yum] RFE: skip-undownloadable - that operates when rpms aren't retrievable

David Timms dtimms at iinet.net.au
Fri Mar 14 16:44:14 UTC 2008

Hi, it's common within the mirrors the are assigned to my region to be
unable to download particular rpms. The error might be "byte range not
satisfiable", mismatch, or not found etc. yum currently tries the 5 or 6
assigned mirrors for each file, and might find that none can provide the
rpm at this very moment. Other downloads might succeed, which would
allow a smaller transaction set to be tested, based on the rpms that
have been downloaded, and subtracting any whose requirements are not met.

An additional message announcing the fact like:
101 packages set for upgrade.
35 packages not currently available
48 packages where updated. {sums didn't work because of unsatisfiable deps}

As far as I know skip-broken doesn't take care of that problem; the
whole transaction will be aborted. The manual way is to either wait some
unknown time for things to "get right" or else run yum with -x for the
undownloadable packages.

I expect that the exclusions could be automated in much the same way
that skip-broken works, perhaps using much of it's code. I think this
would be a good robustness enhancement to yum, that is make the absolute
best of a poor situation {missing rpms} / partially updated mirrors}.


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