[Yum] yum bugzilla id 686

J Sadler jsadler at drizzle.com
Wed Jan 30 23:58:11 UTC 2008

I'm using RHEL5 with yum 3.0.1.
When I use the -c option to use a explicit config file yum is still
including the config file at /etc/yum.conf and the repositories in
/etc/yum.repos.d. This not the behavior at with version 2.x when -c is
used with a http: type config file.

I found the below bugzilla referencing this problem, but it's almost a
year old and hasn't been acknowledged or assigned. Is the new behavior of
-c correct? Are there any alternatives to get the old behavior other than
temporarily renaming the files and directories or using the exclude

Thanks for your time.

J. Sadler


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