[Yum] 3.2.18 released

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Thu Aug 7 20:44:31 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

  Yum 3.2.18 is available. This release brings with it support for
checking gpg signed repositories among other features. The sig checking
will need some additional work on behalf of callers of the yum python
modules. If anyone needs help with this please feel free to ask on
yum-devel list or on #yum on freenode.

Significant changes in 3.2.18:

- Support signed repositories
- fix more unicode output errors
- new german translation
- Give nicer messages when we can't find things due to case
- repo_gpgcheck option to yum.conf
- add --enableplugin option to command line interface
- Add @group cmd line support to install/update/remove
- make sure conditional pkg installs pass through install()

In general 3.2.18 looks like a good-ish release.



Let us know what breaks,

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