[Yum] Treating 'not found' packages as errors

Anders Blomdell anders.blomdell at control.lth.se
Wed Apr 23 15:45:58 UTC 2008

seth vidal wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 17:26 +0200, Anders Blomdell wrote:
>>> My initial thought is if you want to use yum with scripted interactions
>>> you can call the yum module api from python pretty easily these days.
>>> does that make sense?
>> Yes, the software that handles updates is already in python.
>> Are there any docs available for the API?
> limited docs, lots of good examples, though.
> For an easy way to get started look at:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SethVidal/YumCodeSnippets

1. I don't see any example equivalent to 'yum -update' there.
2. Is there any way to specify a custom configuration without writing a file and
modify 'my.conf.config_file_path' ?

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