[Yum] Local repository hanging kernel

Nicholas Robinson npr at bottlehall.co.uk
Tue Apr 22 05:15:42 UTC 2008


I've created a local respository (using instructions from the Howtoforge 
site). It gets rsync'd regularly and is fine for ad hoc installs and updates. 

Unfortunately, if I do a yum upgrade on a workstation after,  say, a Fedora 8 
install from original dvd, then it often hangs the kernel on the server. It's 
happened at least 10 times and always during or shortly after the workstation 
upgrade - if I don't yum upgrade then the server seems willing to stay up. 
Although I've only recently upgraded to Fedora 8 on the server, it has been 
running FC4 without a single crash for three plus years. There's nothing in 
any apache or system log to indicate what has happened and the console screen 
goes blank. There's no ping, ssh or http access and so the server needs a 
power cycle.

Presumably, this is something to do with the frequency of requests or 
bandwidth demands and I realise that it is not yum directly, but thought that 
a post here might be the best place to get a specific fix or advice.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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