[Yum] yum repository issues

Fajar A. Nugraha fajar at fajar.net
Fri May 11 02:55:52 UTC 2007

Chris W Keeney wrote:
> In looking at the script, it is running the /usr/sbin/up2date command, but
> passing the parameters to look for all the different version.
> It looks like the script is only pulling the updates for the ES3 updates,
That is how up2date suppose to work.
It's not yum issue. It's up2date (or to be more accurate, RHN) issue.
> and not pulling it down for the other versions.  Now when I run a yum
> update on a RH4 machine it tells me there are no updates to install, which
> I know to be incorrect, because I am currently on release 3 and the current
> version is release 5.
> Is yum supposed to be able to pull different versions of RH down to the
If you want RH, then no. Again, it's not yum issue.
> repository using the up2date command on a RH3 machine?  If so can you
> please tell me or send me an example script on how this could work?
It IS possible to have multiple versions of RHEL on the same machine in
their own chroot. Each version (running in chroot) must be registered
with RHN, and they can pull updates for their own version. Setting this
up can be quite complicated though. The prequisite for this solution is
that you're already able to setup chroot environment.
> Can you tell me the url/ftp site the up2date goes to check for updates?
If you want RH, then your best bet is up2date (for RHEL <5) or yum (RHEL
>=5, can be mirrored with reposync).
If you only want RH compatibility, you can try centos mirrors. Their
repository can be mirrored with either rsync or reposync (part of



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