[Yum] yum-3.1.7 TypeError bug

Fajar A. Nugraha fajar at fajar.net
Mon May 7 01:56:11 UTC 2007

seth vidal wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 15:34 +0700, Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
>> But apparently an old yum-3.1 bug is back
>>   File "rpmsack.py", line 145, in searchProvides
>>   File "rpmsack.py", line 122, in searchPrco
>> TypeError: unknown key type
> what version of rpm, rpm-python and which distro?
> thanks
Sorry about that. I had assumed you still remember it from my past bug
reports :)

Opensuse 10.2

I've applied Christopher's patches and it works perferctly now. Thanks.
So is it correct if I assume that the problem was in rpm-python?
Does yum-3.1 requires newer versions of rpm-python than the one installed?



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