[Yum] Can Yum install multiple versions of the same RPM?

Wayne Sweatt sweatt at lanl.gov
Wed May 2 18:23:00 UTC 2007

Yes - it can install older versions when specifying the version in  
the command, but no - not when just using the wildcard *. However, I  
can script that in my cfengine file to present the version to the yum  
install command line. No biggie there.
In either case, I DO have to use the allowdowngrade plugin, otherwise  
I get a transaction error.

My next roadblock:
Is there a allowdowngrade or yum-utils RPM out for RHEL4 - yum 2.4,  
and it's older libs?
Maybe I could build a yum-3.0 for RHEL4 and then load yum-utils?
I've been testing on a Fedora Core 6 box, but this all has to work on  
a RHEL4 one.

Sorry for the frustration.

On WednesdayMay 2, 2007, at 12:06 PM, seth vidal wrote:

> On Wed, 2007-05-02 at 11:31 -0600, Wayne Sweatt wrote:
>> Yum appears to be feature-poor. I don't like it anymore.
> sorry to hear that. I must have missed an email in there.
>> Looks like I go back to our perl script and rpm to do what is a
>> completely sane thing to request of a package manager - multiple
>> version installs from a repo/list.
> you can do that with yum look at the installonlypkgs directive in
> yum.conf
>>  All it's done here is embarrass me and
>> yum, not to mention be a waste of time and effort.
> I'm not sure how that's happened, but okay.
>> I see there is a allowdowngrade plugin. I'm running yum 2.4 on
>> RHEL4u3. No yum-utils out there for <3.0.
>> Unless anyone has a solution for installing ALL versions of a package
>> from a repo ...... so long and good luck with this yum thing. Looks
>> like it was just designed for desktop PC use.
> it'll try to install the highest version by default unless you specify
> each version completely
> yum install mypkg-ver-rel mypkg-ver+1-rel+1 etc, etc
> yum was designed for server deployments and large deployments of
> systems. It was originally intended to be consistent and to not give
> admins big surprises in bad ways.
> that's about it. I'm not sure what's made you so angry but I'm  
> sorry it
> has.
> good luck,
> -sv
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