[Yum] Can Yum install multiple versions of the same RPM?

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Wed May 2 18:06:15 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-05-02 at 11:31 -0600, Wayne Sweatt wrote:
> Yum appears to be feature-poor. I don't like it anymore.

sorry to hear that. I must have missed an email in there.

> Looks like I go back to our perl script and rpm to do what is a  
> completely sane thing to request of a package manager - multiple  
> version installs from a repo/list.

you can do that with yum look at the installonlypkgs directive in

>  All it's done here is embarrass me and  
> yum, not to mention be a waste of time and effort.

I'm not sure how that's happened, but okay.

> I see there is a allowdowngrade plugin. I'm running yum 2.4 on  
> RHEL4u3. No yum-utils out there for <3.0.

> Unless anyone has a solution for installing ALL versions of a package  
> from a repo ...... so long and good luck with this yum thing. Looks  
> like it was just designed for desktop PC use.

it'll try to install the highest version by default unless you specify
each version completely

yum install mypkg-ver-rel mypkg-ver+1-rel+1 etc, etc

yum was designed for server deployments and large deployments of
systems. It was originally intended to be consistent and to not give
admins big surprises in bad ways.

that's about it. I'm not sure what's made you so angry but I'm sorry it

good luck,

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