[Yum] Re: yum criticism

Fajar A. Nugraha fajar at fajar.net
Fri Nov 17 01:03:17 UTC 2006

Thomas Hartwig wrote:
>> Also, 3.0.1 can make use of a cache-loader written in C so it's much
>> faster to load the cache. As far as fetching the RPM metadata in the
>> first place, well, that's between you and the repository.
> Yes, the cache handling is quite slow. When do you advice to update to
> version 3.0.1? What is the release plan for this one?
3.0.1 is already released.


You didn't mention which Distro you use. Opensuse 10.2 beta2 already
includes it.
You will not be able to use this version on RHEL/Centos 4 though, as it
requires python >= 2.4.


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