[Yum] Re: yum criticism

Thomas Hartwig t.hartwig.news at itth.com
Thu Nov 16 20:07:27 UTC 2006

Jay Soffian wrote:
> On Nov 16, 2006, at 8:20 AM, Thomas Hartwig wrote:
>> 1. Yum is really slow in comparison to apt.
> Then use apt.

I was afraid you say this.

>> You might often heard this and the reasons might be quite complex, but 
>> for an end user like me it is really annoying how yum is fetching 
>> everything again upon restart.
> /etc/yum.conf:
> metadata_expire=604800
> It'll only reload your cache once a week.
> Also, 3.0.1 can make use of a cache-loader written in C so it's much 
> faster to load the cache. As far as fetching the RPM metadata in the 
> first place, well, that's between you and the repository.

Yes, the cache handling is quite slow. When do you advice to update to 
version 3.0.1? What is the release plan for this one?

Beside of that if I want to update the cache in background I should use 
"yum check-update" as I understand. But this would not help because of 
metadata_expire setting?! Then I should use "yum -c expirenow.conf 
check-config". "expirenow.conf" contains a different metadata_expire. Is 
that right? Or is it possible to pass metadata_expire in the command line?

> See yum-utils.
>> - support of version selection
> Explain.

Means selection of a version of a package from the past (downgrade) or a 
specific repository.

>> I know these ones have discussed already some times, but what me makes 
>> angry are the answers of the developers (very simplified):
>> - This feature would break the system of the user.
>> - Why should a user want to use this, since he has not written linux.
> References?

I have seen a discussion about to be able to download source packages 
quite a while ago (3 years). Today I have seen a discussion regarding to 
be able to downgrade, and the tenor was the same as I tried to summarize 
very shortly - there was a long discussion, this is not needed or not 
helpful and might harm the system. (Unfortunately I have no link at 
hand, I have already searched again but not found it)

>> I want to cut here because I think this makes clear my major points. 
>> I'm sorry if I was to rude and I thank for all volunteers working on 
>> yum and have made linux to what it is today. But I had to let it go...
> You get what you pay for. The yum source is here in case you'd like to 
> contribute:
> http://linux.duke.edu/projects/yum/cvs.ptml

Yes I know, a problem of open source and not only there. But thank you 
anyway for your attention, please be assured I'm full of respect to all 
contributors and I'm sure I get more than I pay for.


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