[Yum] yum criticism

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Thu Nov 16 18:23:10 UTC 2006

On Thu, 16 Nov 2006, Michael Stenner wrote:

> If yum (or anyone else) feels like yum is pair of blunt-tipped plastic
> scissors, well, you're probably right.  Feel free to use a razor blade
> if you wish, or add on the whirring-saw-blade-of-death attachment from
> yum-utils or -plugins.

Aw Michael, you see, we all want the blunt-tipped scissors to be smart
enough to read our minds and do what we {\em want} (instead of what we
tell it to do or what it CAN do), automatically repairing all damage or
inconsistency or impossibility encountered along the way.  We want to
ask those scissors very nicely to "please cut this multi-ply lacework
figure of a dragon out of aluminum foil with laser-art-sharp creases,
please" and stand back while it works.  Otherwise we have to learn to
tediously snip, snip, snip right on all those tiny little lines...;-)

So sure, please add a "yum repair all" (of e.g. my boneheaded damage
caused by arbitrary mixes of "rpm --force" plus "make install" of key
libraries on top of a perfectly good install).  Y'know, remove all
broken packages, rebuild dependency chains, reinstall clean copies of
the packages just removed, all while scanning all of /usr, /bin, /sbin,
/etc and /var to look for collisions with my homemade stuff, determine a
package that provides it (if one exists), resolve conflicts (again) and
install it properly, with a fallback that automatically builds new
packages from my own homebuilt-source directories ands installs them on
the fly.

And if you're going to all that trouble, could you make it debug my
homemade code as it builds?  Just in case my local sources have bugs
(however unlikely that may be;-).

Pretty please?

(Seriously, I didn't realize there was a Texas Chain Saw Massacre
attachment for yum -- I simply MUST try it out.  Hold for a minute while
I pre-attach tourniquets to my arms...:-)


> 					-Michael

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