[Yum] yum criticism

Jay Soffian jay-yum at soffian.org
Thu Nov 16 14:18:32 UTC 2006

On Nov 16, 2006, at 8:20 AM, Thomas Hartwig wrote:

> 1. Yum is really slow in comparison to apt.

Then use apt.

> You might often heard this and the reasons might be quite complex,  
> but for an end user like me it is really annoying how yum is  
> fetching everything again upon restart.



It'll only reload your cache once a week.

Also, 3.0.1 can make use of a cache-loader written in C so it's much  
faster to load the cache. As far as fetching the RPM metadata in the  
first place, well, that's between you and the repository.

> 2. Yum leaks major features:
> - support of source repositories

See yum-utils.

> - support of version selection


> I know these ones have discussed already some times, but what me  
> makes angry are the answers of the developers (very simplified):
> - This feature would break the system of the user.
> - Why should a user want to use this, since he has not written linux.


> I want to cut here because I think this makes clear my major  
> points. I'm sorry if I was to rude and I thank for all volunteers  
> working on yum and have made linux to what it is today. But I had  
> to let it go...

You get what you pay for. The yum source is here in case you'd like  
to contribute:



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