[Yum] yum criticism

Thomas Hartwig t.hartwig.news at itth.com
Thu Nov 16 13:17:14 UTC 2006

Today one thing made me very angry about yum and since this is not the 
first thing I fall over I want to take the time to say some words about 
yum which might be unqualified.

1. Yum is really slow in comparison to apt. You might often heard this 
and the reasons might be quite complex, but for an end user like me it 
is really annoying how yum is fetching everything again upon restart.

2. Yum leaks major features:
- support of source repositories
- support of version selection

I know these ones have discussed already some times, but what me makes 
angry are the answers of the developers (very simplified):

- This feature would break the system of the user.
- Why should a user want to use this, since he has not written linux.

These arguments remind me of answers which you would give to a user 
class of an other OS which is very widespread.
I assume all users of yum know what they could do to the system. I know 
as well the problems of the community process: 95% of all issues are 
duplicates, unqualified or have reasons in false usages. But I think 
this a natural problem of open source and its communities, the more 
users you have, the more false request you will have and if you want to 
have feedback you have to take time for it. You can't moderate all users 
by cutting everything and even follow other bad examples. ;-)

I want to cut here because I think this makes clear my major points. I'm 
sorry if I was to rude and I thank for all volunteers working on yum and 
have made linux to what it is today. But I had to let it go...


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