[Yum] yum 2.4.3 dual-arch dependency problem

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Wed Nov 15 13:36:16 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 03:46 -0500, Joshua Jensen wrote:
> I have this installed on my x86_64 system with yum 2.4.3:
> a.x86_64
> b.x86_64
> b.i386
> a.x86_64 requires the newest version of b.x86_64.
> When an update becomes available for a.x86_64, I do a "yum update a".  
> The new "a" requires the new b.x86_64.  Fine, no problems... the 
> packages are in a sane distribution where the new b is provided.  So yum 
> solves the dependency by preparing to upgrade b.x86_64 too.
> However, the transaction fails, because b.i386 isn't getting upgraded... 
> and b.i386 old isn't same version as b.x86_64 new and they conflict. 
> There is a manual solution to this: "yum update a b".  That makes yum 
> think about both arches of the new b packages.  Of course, that requires 
> me to know about the dependency on "b"... when all I'm going for is the 
> new "a".
> Shouldn't yum handle this better?  If pulling in a package, even just 
> for dependency purposes, shouldn't it upgrade *all* architectures of 
> that package on the machine, instead of just the one needed for the 
> dependency resolution?

Yum does handle this better. Just not in yum 2.4.X. 

I think update-out-of-unresolvable-dep was added in either 2.6 or 3.0.

Can you give 2.6 a shot and see if it takes care of it?


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