[Yum] yum install/upgrade

Vadim Lvovsky vadim at psoft.od.ua
Fri Nov 10 15:09:26 UTC 2006

>>  Hello.
>>  I have installed my rpm package from some YUM repository.
>> # yum -y install mypackage
>>  This package requires bind, bind-libs and bind-utils packages. YUM has
>> installed my package and required packages, what hadn't been installed. But 
>> YUM hasn't updated bind-libs, what had been installed.
>> I can update bind-libs with YUM:
>> # yum -y update bind-libs
>> But I need to install and update all required packages with the only one 
>> command. Is it possible? Please, help.

> why only one command?

Because, mypackage rpm runs postinstall script and I have error:

Failed to start BIND : <tt>Starting named: /usr/sbin/named: symbol lookup 
error: /usr/sbin/named: undefined symbol: dns_resolver_setudpsize

> what keeps you from doing:

> yum -y install mypackage ; yum update

> or

> make a file with this in it:

> install mypackage
> update
> run
> quit

> save it then run:

> yum -y shell /path/to/that/file

> -sv

 I have to update bind-libs before postinstall script will be run. 
 Thank you for your help.

Vadim Lvovsky

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