[Yum] Packaging Kernel Modules

Brian Long brilong at cisco.com
Thu Mar 30 20:40:24 UTC 2006

Phil Regier wrote:

>When looking for information on proper kernel module SRPM packaging on
>#centos, I was told that the real trick lies in proper interaction with
>Yum -- i.e., proper placement of version strings, upgrade behavior, etc.
>I'm not terribly familiar with building SRPMs, let alone kernel-related
>packages, but it makes sense that playing nice with Yum would be a very
>good first priority when doing so.  Are there established guidelines (or
>better yet, specific HOWTOs) for assembling driver SRPMs to this
>particular end?
As a reference, the Fedora Extras Steering Committee has the following 

Hope this helps a little.


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