[Yum] Alternative RPM DB paths with Yum

Henning Markussen hm at mib.dk
Mon Jul 10 12:57:37 UTC 2006

> On Mon, 2006-07-10 at 11:36 +0200, Henning Markussen wrote:
>> Hi
>> Is there any way to specify an alternate RPM database in Yum (2.0.8)?
>> In RPM there is --dbpath option, where you can specify a other than the
>> one in /var/lib/rpm.
>> My goal is to save the RPM's from a lot of servers on one central
>> server.
>> And on this server see if there is any RPM's that need to be updated.
>> Unfortunately not all server's that have Internet access so I can't use
>> Yum on the other servers.
>> By collecting the RPM on this server I can script through the rpm dirs,
>> and find out what servers needs updating.
> If your servers have access to a local network then you can setup a
> local mirror of the repositories on the net and then they all can act
> the same way w/o having to hack around by copying out the rpmdb.
> -sv
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Thanks for the quick answer!

The problem is we multiple networks that can't reach each other.
So not all servers could reach a central server. By scripts I can get all
the rpmdb to a central server (very complex due to security reasons).
Now I have all the rpmdb on one server and now I would like to know which
servers need patching.
If I could change the rpmdb then I could script through all server's
against a repository and end up with a mail that lists, what rpms that
needs to be updated.

- Henning

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