[Yum] groupreq and yum 2.6

Brian Long brilong at cisco.com
Tue Apr 18 19:42:14 UTC 2006

> So is it really nested groups that you need or is it just a simple way
> to refer to a collection of groups?
> ie: if there was a simple way to query a url for the command yum was
> supposed to run would that do it for you?
> you must be distributing which groups to pass to the yum command, right?
> What mechanism are you using to do that?

The classes of machines are defined in profiles in make_bootdisk, a CGI
that generates ks.cfg and PXE configuration (part of http://kickstart-
tools.sf.net).  These profiles might be named for the class of machine
like "Engineering Workstation" or the CGI might offer checkboxes of
optional yum groups that can get installed if the end user would like.

The CGI is configured such that Engineering Workstation installs certain
yum groups but right now it's at a high level and we rarely change it.
We typically change the yumgroups.xml file and re-gen the repos.  If I
move the source of truth from yumgroups.xml to each profile, it's
increases my maintenance cost.  For each profile that references a
single nested yumgroup, I'd have to edit manually if I can no longer
nest yumgroups.  For example, if the yumgroup "Engineering-Workstation"
contains "Base-Workstation", "RealPlayer", "Xine", etc.  I'll have to
list each of those subgroups in all the Engineering Workstation
profiles.  Right now, if I need to make a change to all Engineering
Workstations, I change the Engineering-Workstation yumgroup and regen
the repos.

Does that help clarify?  I don't know exactly what you're proposing with
a URL.  We do all the yum groupinstalls during %post of kickstart.


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