[Yum] RE: local repo before remote?

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at frii.com
Mon Apr 10 15:09:02 UTC 2006

Tim Lauridsen wrote:
> Stuart McGraw wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have a local repo that has a subset of Fedora Extra 
> > packages in it.  When I install a package with yum, I 
> > would like it to install from the local repo rather 
> > than a remote repo because I have a slow (sometimes 
> > 0-b/S) internet connection.
> >
> > There is nothing about this in the docs but in the faq 
> > it says repos are used in order of their occurance in 
> > the[sic] yum.conf file.  This does not appear to work.  
> > I moved both my local repo config and the fed-ex repo 
> > config into yum.conf in the desired order.  I also made 
> > the repo names sort the right way, but yum still goes 
> > to the network.  
> >
> > Am I doing something wrong?  Or is this really broken?
> man yum.conf
> <snip>
> failovermethod
> Either ‘roundrobin’ or ‘priority’.
> ‘roundrobin’ randomly selects a URL out of the list of URLs to
> start with and proceeds through each of them as it encounters a
> failure contacting the host.
> ‘priority’ starts from the first baseurl listed and reads
> through them sequentially.
> failovermethod defaults to ‘roundrobin’ if not specified.
> </snip>
> Use
>   failovermethod=priority
> in your .repo file

Thanks for your reply Tim.  Yes, I knew about priority
and failover but they are not useful because I have
seperate repositories.  Please correct me if I am wrong
but doesn't failover and priority apply only to the
mirrors within a single repository?  (I tried using 
the fastest-mirrors plugin, but it has no effect for
the same reason.)

My local repos are seperate repositories because they
are *not* mirrors -- (in general) they don't contain 
every package in the coresponding remote repo, and
there is no process to keep them sync with the remote

Were I to treat them as mirrors, I think the following
would be problems:
- If a package early in the list were not found locally
  yum would fallover to the remote repo, and all subsequent
  packages, even ones available locally, would be downloaded
  from the remote repo.
- An old package might be installed from the local
  repo even though there was a newer one in the remote

I am very new to yum, so I may be completely wrong.
Corrections gratefully received.

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