[Yum] local repo before remote?

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at frii.com
Mon Apr 10 04:40:08 UTC 2006


I have a local repo that has a subset of Fedora Extra 
packages in it.  When I install a package with yum, I 
would like it to install from the local repo rather 
than a remote repo because I have a slow (sometimes 
0-b/S) internet connection.

There is nothing about this in the docs but in the faq 
it says repos are used in order of their occurance in 
the[sic] yum.conf file.  This does not appear to work.  
I moved both my local repo config and the fed-ex repo 
config into yum.conf in the desired order.  I also made 
the repo names sort the right way, but yum still goes 
to the network.  

Am I doing something wrong?  Or is this really broken?

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