[Yum] Yum conf question

William Stearns wstearns at pobox.com
Fri Apr 7 18:59:31 UTC 2006

Good afternoon, Bryan,

On Fri, 7 Apr 2006, Bryan Seitz wrote:

>   Say I have the following:
> [base]
> name=RHEL $releasever - $basearch - Base
> baseurl=http://server1.blah.com:8080/RHEL/$releasever/rhn
>        http://server2.blah.com:8080/RHEL/$releasever/rhn
> Is there a method to how it picks the mirror to use?  It seems like
> currently it choose one at random.  I would like to be able to define
> a primary that will always be tried first.  Any help would be
> appreciated.

 	That's configurable for each [repository] block.  The 
"failovermethod" option (check "man yum.conf" to make sure your version of 
yum supports it) specifies how the choice is made:

 	Either 'roundrobin' or 'priority'.

 	'roundrobin' randomly selects a URL out of the list of URLs to 
start with and proceeds through each of them as it encounters a failure 
contacting the host.

 	'priority' starts from the first baseurl listed and reads through 
them sequentially.

 	failovermethod defaults to 'roundrobin' if not specified.

 	- Bill

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