[Yum] Question about listinf package dependencies.

Gaurav Poothia gpoothia at cs.sunysb.edu
Wed Apr 5 18:29:31 UTC 2006

My current project needs me to do the following:
Given the name of an installed package to compile a list of all packages
that "IT DEPENDS ON" directly or indirectly.

The rpm command has the -R switch which gives me requirements split into :

For both I will have to further run another query and so on

YUM might  have a way to find this transitive closure automatically for me
since I notice that it does list ALL packages which "DEPEND ON IT" (the
other direction of the dependency) for a given installed package...by simply
starting to uninstall and then aborting at point of confirmation ;-)

Any ideas on how I can do this will be greatly appreciated.

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