[Yum] Yum throught MS proxy

Konstantin Ryabitsev icon at fedoraproject.org
Sat Oct 29 04:34:28 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-28-10 at 23:04 -0500, Marcelino Mata wrote:
> I have seached and tried everything but I can not get Yum to work
> through the annoying MS proxy.  Yes, I would rather not deal with it
> but  my company insists on using it.  I am trying to use Yum through
> CentOS but I understand it does not work with any Fedora release.
> I do understand why this is still an issue with Yum since I have seen
> postings in 2004 on the same issue.   I am using RedHat9 with apt-get
> and RHEL 3 with up2date and they have no issue working through the MS
> proxy.  I'm not a programmer but isn't it just a matter of checking
> the source code for apt-get and figuring out how they did it?    
> This problem has become a real issue for us since it basically stops
> me from deploying CentOS over RHEL since I can not easily update it.
> Setting up a internal CentOS mirror would be silly for one CentOS
> computer.
> Did I miss something which solves the Yum / MS proxy issue?  Or is
> there a workaround for this issue I missed in my searches.

If you tell us what issue you are having, we might even have an idea how
to help you. You haven't told us what exactly is not working.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Montreal, Quebec

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