[Yum] Comments and Suggestions

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Fri Oct 28 08:10:25 UTC 2005

Greetings ...

 > I think implementing the last-modified check in the repomd.xml grab
 > might be the lightest-weight way. If we have a way of checking the
 > last modified timestamp we might be able to use that to make sure yum
 > ignores out-of-date mirrors.
	As a layman, that sounds like a good plan, but wonder if that is 
possible.  I don't know if you have check the timestamp of files from a 
web server ... I'm sure you can, but how would one know that is the 
correct time, taking into account things like time zones and so on.

	Anyway, my 2cents worth, if we could do that, it would be great time 
saver ...


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