[Yum] yum made a mess last night

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Sep 30 01:55:39 UTC 2004

> I repeat, Why does yum ignore this?  Is there something wrong with 
> this line in my yum.conf?:
> exclude=kernel* kde* xorg*

Hey, calm down. People are willing to help you, but you don't need to
get so upset about it.

> >It sure would be nice if there were an advanced announcement made so
> >we could head off these potential disasters.
> Addendum:  Its taken about 12 hours to clean up the mess enough to get 
> x to run again and its not right yet.  As campers go, color me 
> unhappy.  The whole of xfs got deleted for starters, its gone without 
> a trace so I now have about 25 lines of FontPath "path to font" in my 
> xorg.conf.

Advance announcement from whom? You could have yum run yum check-update
nightly and then it will tell you what things are available for your

Then you can run yum update when you choose.

> The automatic yum -y update is also gone, forever.  This is the third 
> time its put me thru hell to restore my playtoy.  Screw it.  I'll run 
> it, but it will be under MY control when next I use it.

The yum cron job is there to aid people who know what their repositories
will be foisting on them. Yum cannot make any prediction about the
quality or functionality of the packages in a repository. Only that it
will install the newest packages and with complete dependencies.

The situation you described before sounds like a corrupted or incomplete
repository in addition to a highly customized configuration that
circumvented a lot of the rpm packaging system.

If you have a specific problem and you think you can recreate it then
please file the bug in bugzilla.


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