[Yum] Yum source rpm download

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Sep 21 19:15:32 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 11:30, fredn1 at gmx.de wrote:
> Hello Seth,
> I'm new to this list, but I've been on the freshrpms list
> for quite a while now, and I've been using yum happily
> since I noticed it being used by up2date - I dropped up2date
> soon afterwards.
> I much prefer it to apt for several reasons:
> - it's a *lot* closer to rpm (uses rpm headers usw.)
> - very few *problems* (grep freshrpms.list for both yum and apt ...)
> - easy repo creation (saves multiple downloads in local network)
> Sadly there are a few repos I'd like to use, if it weren't for
> their incompatabilty with more cooperative repos.
> My solution is to rebuild from srpm, after reading and
> perhaps modifying the spec file. So I'd like to be able to
> get the srpms as easily as I can get the rpms.
> Would you be interested in a patch for yum to download
> and maybe install srpm's ?
> I googled around lists.dulug.duke.edu, seems like no-one's
> implemented that yet, unless I missed something.
> It's my very first attempt at Python hacking, so it's too
> rough as it is, but after looking at a few Python docs
> and tutorials, Python looks like a *nice* OO-Scripting language ...
> Since it's neither my first programming nor my first scripting language,
> that shouldn't be a problem.
> - ok, I admit we really did have a card-punch and reader at my
> *very* first IT-job ... ;-)
> The download works, I have a solvable problem with the
> srpm install using the Python rpm classes.
> At the moment it's a hack on yum-2.0.7-3.1.fc.fr.src.rpm
> from freshrpms, but I'd be happy to port it to cvs and
> maintain / develop it further if you're interested.
> It'd give a focus to learning Python, which, as I mentioned, I *like*.
> I'd need your thoughts / help on how to fit it cleanly into
> the existing yum architecture to do it.

So let's take it from the top:

you want a program that will:
1. read the repodata info
2. look for a source rpm matching the user's request and install it into
their normal build dir


Do you want it to also install all the BuildRequires needed for that
package? What about pre-reqs for building?

I would suggest starting small. and focus on  the current work - 2.1.X
not 2.0.X.

Try to get installation of specific srpms installed from the repos, then
move on to installing the srpm referred to by a primary rpm.

etc etc etc.

start small, get the stuff installing first.


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