[Yum] Re: delaying package deployment

Rick Graves gravesricharde at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 9 06:17:06 UTC 2004

Michael, Seth & Troy,

I can accept that working my proposal into YUM might
not be feasible.  (But please do not fault me for

Troy wrote:

> I have a small writeup here on making a yumified 
> mirror and delaying package deployment:

> http://www.jdmz.net/yum/index.html
> http://www.jdmz.net/yum/lag-updates.html

> Total hackery and crusty, but may help you get what 
> you want accomplished.  

Excellent!  I will give it a try.  

If it works for me, I will do what I can to help let
others know about the option.  



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