[Yum] yum 2.0.8

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Sep 9 04:21:29 UTC 2004

hi folks,
 bugfix release on yum 2.0.X.

2.0.8 fixes:

2004-07-19 14:12  skvidal
	arch updates and simple errorlog typo

2004-06-23 02:40  skvidal
	add extra archs into x86_64 (i586 and i486)

2004-06-23 02:39  skvidal
	add makefiles patches to correctly interpret configure's 
        sysconfdir option patch sent by Josh Nichols

2004-06-23 02:38  skvidal
	fixed bad date format in yum.log file - now matches syslog   
        standard fixed poor obsolete look up for versioned obsoletes

2004-06-23 02:36  skvidal
	fix caos bug 591 and Fedora Core bug 111022 - gpg check fails on
	correctly signed package, with right key installed in CZ locale.

2004-06-10 01:41  skvidal
	post depresolve check for number of actions to perform.
	If nothing, then exit.

2004-06-09 22:17  skvidal
	update spec file to own /usr/share/yum ci changelog from 2.0.7

noarch.rpm - built on fc2:



let me know what I broke, but I think the changes here are pretty


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