[Yum] Re: Yum service hangs

Christopher J. Bottaro cjbottaro at alumni.cs.utexas.edu
Thu Sep 9 00:07:45 UTC 2004

Jürgen Möllenhoff wrote:

> I have this problem often and no I don't use slow repos and I don't use
> ftp-repos (all http). Yum just sits there and the connection is dead
> (you can even cut the network), the only solution is to kill the
> Yum-process...

i have this problem all the time with yum.  here are random notes about the

*  it seems to happen most often in the "Gathering header information
file(s) from server(s)" stage.  once it gets to the "Finding updated
packages" stage, it will usually follow thru to completion.
*  upping the debug level tends to make the problem go away.
*  when i run yum for the first time, it hangs all the time while
downloading headers.  i don't mean it hangs in the middle of downloading a
header, it hangs before it starts downloading a header.  hitting ctrl-c
will make it start going again.  i end up having to sit at my computer and
repeatedly press ctrl-c everytime it "hangs" until all the headers are
downloaded (i dunno, maybe 30 presses of ctrl-c?  maybe not that many, but
it sure seems like it).

it feels like its a threading issue because of the randomness of the freezes
and also because upping the debug output alleviates the problem.

yum is great when it works, but honestly, i doesn't work...=(  its become
standard operating procedure for me to type "yum install package; ctrl-c;
yum install package; ctrl-c" ad nausium until finally yum makes it all the
way thru the process without freezing.

one very frustration thing about this problem is that most people say "use
-d<whatever> and report the output".  well like i said, upping the debug
output makes the problem go away a lot of the times (not all the time).

i hope this gets fixed soon.  i'm always embarrassed when i have to explain
to friends who i've convinced to try linux that this is just something they
have to accept when using yum to install software (yes, the problem happens
on multiple computers).

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