[Yum] Re: about the urlgrabber

Michael Stenner mstenner at ece.arizona.edu
Tue Sep 7 16:54:21 UTC 2004

On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 11:35:38AM -0500, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Michael,
> Just noticed that the url used in ncftp is slightly different than the
> one fed to yum.
>     ftp://reader.local.net0:~/no_bak/fedraw
> should have been
>     ftp://reader.local.net0:/home/reader/no_bak/fedraw
> And with that change ncftp fails with a change dir error too:

OK, well, that points to a different problem, then.  I'm a bit less
equipped to help you there, but it's looking more and more like it's
not a yum problem, but a server configuration issue.

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