[Yum] Re: pkgpolicy

Michael Stenner mstenner at ece.arizona.edu
Tue Sep 7 05:48:23 UTC 2004

On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 08:22:02PM -0700, Rick Graves wrote:
> Anyway, now you know where I am coming from, and my
> prior email may be meaningful to you in a different
> way. My point is that having an option to wait for
> some days would allow more administrators to update
> automatically. 

I understood this correctly.  MY point is that there's a better way to
"wait some days" before installing packages.  You want some delay
before a package is released until it is automatically installed on
your box.  One major problem with this is that it will FORCE multiple
boxes to be out of sync with each other.  Consider the following

  * your delay is 7 days
  * you have 3 identical installed boxes with foobar 1.0 installed
  * foobar 1.1 comes out on the Jan. 1
  * on Jan. 3, you add a fourth box.

What version of foobar goes on the new box?  The only version you have
access to is foobar 1.1.  Version 1.0 isn't on the servers any more.
Either you have your boxes out of sync or "manually" push the new
version on the other boxes.  You see the problem?

What I'm proposing solves the same problem, but doesn't introduce
these NEW problems.  Maintain a mirror that only folds in new packages
after they've been available for N days.  This way, foobar 1.0 stays
on your mirror until Jan 8.  So, when you install that fourth machine,
it gets foobar 1.0 like all the other machines, and on the 8th, they
all get updated together.

> Also, you wrote:
> > what about installs?  do they also wait n days?  
> The key word in my suggestion is "option", as in
> optional.  If YUM had the option that I asked about,
> and if a system administrator were inclined to turn it
> on, he or she would do so after the system is
> installed and brought fully up to date with YUM in the
> normal way. 

You're talking like yours is the only possible solution.  You can
argue away the bad side effects of any feature by saying it's
optional, but why not simply use a solution that doesn't have those
side effects?


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