[Yum] Notes on Yum Changes

ebrown at lanl.gov ebrown at lanl.gov
Mon Sep 6 16:22:00 UTC 2004

Looks like some great new features and flexibility, especially the added
flexibility on the command line for specifying packages, and the
enable/disable repo options.

If it were possible to also specify the package policy on the command
line, it would greatly simplify my need to maintain different config
files, as I could  use 'newest' or 'last', depending on the repo that was


> 5. New command line options:
>    --obsoletes - tell yum to include obsoletes in its update processing
>    --enablerepo=repository-id - tell yum to enable the repository of
>                                 that id this option can be specified
>                                 multiple times on the command line.
>                                 This will override the 'enabled' option
>                                 to a repository in the configuration
>                                 file.
>    --disablerepo=repository-id - The logical opposite of the above.

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